About  Balaji Motors & Engineering,
We are acclaimed manufacturer, supplier's of a wide collection of all type industrial motors, Grinders Cutter machine & Pedestal Polisher. We Balaji Motors & Engineering a Pune base company & we manufacturing & supply of all product mainly at all Maharashtra With a range of extraordinarily performing, durable, power efficient and versatile electric motors, we hold a unique identity in the power industry. 
We offer a wide range of quality Electric Motor products consisting of Industrial Motors, Bench Grinder, Abbrasive Belt Grinder, Cutter Machine, Pedestal Polisher. Our products find immense applications and demand from several major industries like engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, commercial, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and the likes to meet their diversified power needs. Balaji Motors & Engineering development of electric motors of acceptable efficiency was delayed for several decades by failure to recognize the extreme importance of a relatively small air gap between rotor and stator. Efficient designs have a comparatively small air gap. 
Application of electric motors revolutionized industry. Industrial processes were no longer limited by power transmission using line shafts, belts, compressed air or hydraulic pressure. Instead every machine could be equipped with its own electric motor, providing easy control at the point of use, and improving power transmission efficiency. Electric motors applied in agriculture eliminated human and animal muscle power from such tasks as handling grain or pumping water. We provide a household uses of electric motors reduced heavy labor in the home and made higher standards of convenience, comfort and safety possible. Today, electric motors consume more than half of all electric energy produced